Focussing on our customer requirements, we look to offer a maintenance regime that not only works for the client but keeps the system functioning to its full potential.

Having a fully maintained system will mean having the following:

  • a Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedule that fits the building and customer requirements.
  • a system that runs to its true potential.
  • less plant equipment running in manual, resulting in better control of your energy usage.
  • reduced downtime for controlled plant equipment, leading to less reactive callouts.
  • more stable comfort conditions for building occupants.
  • controlled plant equipment having a better life span.
  • more knowledgeable on-site staff, as we will explain fully our works to give our customers a better understanding of their system.

We have undoubtedly saved money and learnt a lot on the way, and for this we can thank Global for their continued support and hard work on our behalf.

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BS EN15232 BMS Energy Classification Survey

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