BS EN15232 BMS Energy Classification Survey

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BS EN 15232:2012

“Energy performance of buildings. Impact of Building Automation, Controls and Building Management”

The BS EN15232 is an independent standard that is specifically designed to review BMS performance/setup and the influence it has on a building’s energy consumption.

It compares a buildings BMS against the best practices as written in the standard.

The standard was created by the European (CEN TC 247) committee and has been independently verified by Technical University of Dresden. The standard divides BMS systems into four efficiency classes from A to D. Energy efficiency class A for example states that energy savings in office spaces can reach up to 30% in relation to the standard class C.

During a survey we look at the existing BMS system, to see how it functions. It is also important to understand how the client uses their system to form a complete picture of the BMS operation.

Following the completion of a survey, a report is produced indicating the BMS performance against the standards ratings.

The client can then see the current efficiency of their BMS system against the standard. Potential improvements can be highlighted, showing the return on investment that could be achieved. By using real information from the client and their BMS, we can provide a report that truly reflects their system and how it operates.

The report produced can indicate anything from showing how well a BMS is operating, to simple cost-effective strategy changes offering quick wins and almost immediate payback. Alternatively, it can provide a more complex result which may involve adding new equipment and strategy changes. Whatever the outcome, the report fully details the potential return on investment achievable.

The BS EN15232 survey and reports enable us to help our clients take back control of their Building Management System, using an independently verified set of British and European standards.

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